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6 Cozy and Comfortable Weighted Blankets

A good blanket can help you to sleep comfortably. It can help you to relax and you can enjoy your sleep completely. But, it might be confusing for you to find top-quality blankets. Hence, a list containing 6 weighted blankets is given below. You can follow the list and you can choose a great blanket from it.

1) Cotton Napper

It’s a weighted blanket and it’s made of organic cotton. You can use this blanket all over the year. Because the blanket is soft and it will never make you uncomfortable.

2) Tree Napper

This blanket is available in 3 weights – 15lbs, 20lbs, 25lbs. The blanket has got nothing but Tencel. It can balance your body temperature. Hence, it’s an ideal blanket for every season.

3) Velvet Napper

Do you want to have a luxurious sleep?

If you say ‘Yes’, then you should pick this velvet blanket. The velvet is made of eco-friendly material and the blanket is extremely soft. So, you would love it.

4) Napping

Kids love to sleep under cozy blankets. Hence, this blanket is made of pure organic cotton and the blanket has 6lbs and 8lbs weights. This means your kid will have deep sleep under it.

5) Hugger (Queen and King Size Blanket)

Sometimes you want to have a large blanket to cover your entire body. Well, this blanket is a huge one and it’s a perfect blanket for couples. So, bring this super-soft blanket home.

6) Travel Napper

It’s a blanket to please all the travelers. This weighted blanket is made of organic cotton and it’s machine washable. The best part of this blanket is that it comes in a duffel bag. So, take it wherever you go.

The above blankets are super comfortable and they come in different weights. These blankets are for kids, couples, and individuals. So, pick a good-quality blanket and enjoy a profound sleep.

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