7 Captivating Plant Bundles To Boost The Décor Of Your Home

Even if you are not obsessed with nature, growing plants at home can add beauty and life to your home. This list of 7 PLANT BUNDLES provides you with compelling options to include some of these plant species to change the way your home looks.

1. The Bundle Called Asy Care’

If you have very little or no time for plant care and maintenance this is the most suitable bundle for you. It comes with the Z’ variety, which requires little lighting conditions and is drought-tolerant. While the other species is peperomia Obtusifolia, which is pet-friendly and tough in nature.

2. The Bundle Called Eco-friendly

As the name suggests, these plants are well-suited for your house if there are animals at home. The peperomia Obtusifolia’ has strong endurance, while the parlor Palm’ comes with low maintenance and the ability to clean the air.

3. The Dracaena And Pothos Bundle

The next bundle in this list of PLANT BUNDLES includes the dracaena and those varieties. Both these species are known to be perfect indoor plants that are low on maintenance and have the ability to thrive in bright-medium indirect lighting conditions.

4. The Bundle Called Est Sellers Duo’

The nake Plant’ is a succulent that can multi-task to clean the air and can thrive in low lighting conditions. The onstera’ is known for featuring odd-shaped leaf holes (natural) that can change your room’s feel into that of a tropical forest.

5. The Peperomia And Ric Rac Bundle

Included in this pet-friendly bundle is the ic Race cactus (fishbone cactus) plant that flaunts bright green foliage in a zigzag shape. The other variety included is the peperomia Ginny’, which is a tricolor species featuring pink, green, and yellow-colored leaves to add some color to your room.

6. The Monstera & Arrowhead Bundle

Get a tropical feel with these plant species in your house. The parlor Palm’ comes with captivating fronds that need very little maintenance, while the monstera Adansonii’ (wiss Cheese Plant’) features leaf holes (natural) and green leaves in lacy patterns.

7. The Ric Rac and Arrowhead Bundle

The last bundle in this PLANT BUNDLES list is this interesting bundle that features plant species with distinct foliage. The arrowhead White Butterfly’ comes with leaves that are shaped like arrows in white and green colors. And the monstera Deliciosa’ features peculiar-shaped leaf holes (natural) that grow with the development of the plant.

Choosing one or more of these bundles will most definitely improve the interior décor of your home.

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