Top 7 Plant Stands & Hangers

The plant hangers and plant stands are necessary to keep your plants above the ground to drain out all the excess water. For easy cleaning, you can choose a stand crafted from wood along with faucet pipes or hanging hoops. Here are the top plant stands & hangers to consider.

1. Large Planter & Stand Bundle

Invest in this large planter if you love plants and find yourself with more than a single green thumb. The stand allows the planter to be mobile— place it on your patio during the summer and your sunroom during the winter season. It’s stylish, durable, and an intelligent investment considering you can use it year-round.

2. Slim Color Block Plant Hanger

Designed to look good and last, this Plant Hanger is constructed of durable powder-coated steel with a solid brass plate for added strength. Easy to install in your yard, you can rest assured that your plants will be well cared for with this custom design product.

3. Quickshop Large Plant Stand

Whether you’re in the garden all day or just a few minutes each day, this adjustable stand keeps your plants high up so that sunlight can be focused directly on them. We love how simple and clean this design is and how quickly it sets up to provide the lighting you need. With a wide base and three tiers, it’s ideal for many plants like flowers, herbs, terrariums, etc.

4. Case Study® Ceramics Large Cylinder with Stand

The Case Study® Ceramics Collection represents the ultimate exercise in form and function. Simple, elegant shapes are elevated by adding a colored glaze to create objects that elevate everyday dining. Made of high fire stoneware with glass glazing, each piece can be used and enjoyed daily.

5. Filament Plant Hanger

There is no need for nails, pins, or tape: the Filament Plant Hanger does it all. It’s specially designed to hold and display various plants in different-sized pots. The leather strap works with keyholes at both ends that can be mounted on any nail, hook, pin, or screw. Small holes in the leather even allow you to use pins if necessary. For those who need a more tailored length, the leather can also be cut to suit your space

6. Black & Walnut Planter Hanger

This stylish designer hanger is made of a sturdy metal core with a thin coated steel plate in between. The design offers three different hanging positions, each secured by two hooks. They can also be used as wall hangers to complete your decor. It’s an easy embellishment that adds a rustic aesthetic to your room.

7. Oak Solo Ring Stand

This ring stand is easy to assemble and requires no tools, making it the ideal and convenient ring stand for your craftwork. The oak is the preferred material for ring stands because it’s lightweight, sturdy, and rust-resistant. This ring stand structure attaches to the wall with a single bolt, so you can easily attach this to your wall without any fasteners or hammers required. This acorn-style stand collapses just like a collapsible paper cup, and you won’t even notice there’s anything behind it when you’re storing your jewelry.

All of the stands on this list are created with careful attention to detail, which separates them from the rest of the crowd. I hope this article helps you find the perfect plant stand or hanging pot hanger that meets your needs.

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