7 Pediatric Supplements For A Healthier Body

Pediatric supplements are usually used for kids. Those types of drinks have more calcium and less protein for balanced growth in the kids. Most of the drinks are taken health-wise but some are simply taken for their taste. There are many types of pediatric supplements and today we will list the 7 best pediatric supplements for a healthier body.

1) Pedialyte Electrolyte Drink

This drink promotes hydration benefits and is also helpful for those who have digestive issues.

* Can replace electrolyte, zink, and fluids
* Can be used by both kids and adults
* Comes in a plastic bottle

2) Neocate Splash Pediatric Oral Supplement / Oral Feeding

Has a pleasant taste and can be given through tube feeding or orally.

* Do not have soy oil
* Free of gluten and casein
* For ages 1 year and up

3) Gelmix Infant Thickener For Breast Milk And Formula

Can be dissolved in breast milk or formula and it is tasteless and odorless.

* Free of soy, gluten, corn, and dairy
* Can be used for infants above 6 pounds
* Can be used for kids from birth to 12 months

4) Similac Sensitive Infant Formula, Powder

This milk is easy to digest and ideal for kids with sensitive tummies.

* Comes with non-GMO formula
* Support eye and brain development
* Contains 100 calories per serving

5) Baby's Only Organic Pea Protein Toddler Formula

Provides complete organic nutrition and is better than cow or goat milk.

* Suitable for vegetarians
* contain no soy protein

6) Pediasure Grows & Gains Chocolate Flavor

comes with chocolate flavor and is good for child growth.

* Help gain weight in just 8 weeks
* Support muscle mass
* Support brain and eyes

7) Enfamil Prosobee Soy Infant Formula, Ready To Use Liquid

Helps ease gas from milk-based products

* This is a plant-based alternative
* Comes in 2 options

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