7 Multi-function Floor Lamps With Tray Tables

If you’re looking for a multi-functional floor lamp, this 7-floor lamp could be just what you’re looking for.

1. Iron Twist Base Wood Tray Table Floor Lamp

* It is one of the most widely used floor lamps available. It’s a floor lamp with a convenient wooden table that can store your beverages or the remote when you’re resting or watching TV.

2. Sea Life Antique Floor Lamp With Glass Tray

* With this beautiful floor lamp with a tray table, you can now transform your stylish area into a tech-savvy setting.

3. Space Saver Glass Tray Table Lamp

* This floor lamp serves a dual purpose by providing a place to put newspapers and beverages while resting and providing extra light. It offers a modern aesthetic complemented by the base’s simple, uncomplicated design, which you’ll enjoy.

4. Hunter Floor Lamp

* This floor lamp comes with a tray table and a USB port. The twin pull chains allow you to adjust the light to fit your requirements and tastes.

5. Black Of Night Ovo Tray Table Floor Lamp

* This floor lamp is both practical and elegant. It includes a helpful glass tray table that makes it a tempting alternative for lighting a place dedicated to working and leisure.

6. Vast Sky Ovo Tray Table Floor Lamp

* It serves a dual purpose while also energizing a modern space with its elegant design.

7. Swanky Gray Ovo Tray Table Floor Lamp

* It’s a multi-functional floor light with a built-in USB port and a convenient tray table. It’s the ideal spot for your tv remote and an excellent study light!

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